Mindset & Motivation – Facing Your Fears

Let’s talk about FEAR: what it is, how it serves you, and how it is holding you back from a million things and you don’t even know it.

In a practical sense, human beings need fear.  Fear is defined as an unpleasant emotion caused by the belief that someone or something is dangerous, likely to cause pain, or a threat.

Fear warns us we are in a dangerous situation, and motivates us to act… to flee, to fight, and to protect ourselves.  In this way, fear serves us.  If you were walking down a dark ally, and had the feeling someone was behind you, fear would motivate you to run… or at the very least, take out your phone and call for help.

If you were trying to remove the 3rd floor A/C unit from the window, and it dropped OUT the window, but you managed to grab onto the extension cord before it could crash to the ground… and happened to find yourself dangling nearly half way out the window desperately trying to A) not drop the unit and B) not fall out the window… fear would definitely kick in!  And in this case, give you superhuman strength to hoist the A/C unit back inside!!

It is true, fear is a survival mechanism from real danger.

But what about when fear arises not because of real danger, but instead because of perceived danger or pain based on self-limiting beliefs?

Think about a time when you told yourself, “I can’t”…

I can’t lose weight.  I can’t do a push up.  I can’t find a lasting relationship.  I can’t, I can’t, I can’t.

Now ask yourself, is there actual evidence confirming the statement?  Is there an actual limitation preventing you from accomplishing your goal?

…in some cases, there might be a LEGIT reason or evidence proving something is not possible.  Let’s say I want to dunk a basketball, but I keep telling myself “I can’t”…  well, let’s be honest; chances are, at 5’4”, even if I train REALLY hard, it’s unlikely I will be able to dunk a basketball!  So, yes, the reality is I can’t do it.  But I might get close!

In my own experience, the answer when considering most REALISTIC goals, and asking myself if there is real evidence supporting the “I can’t” statement… the answer is NO.  There is no actual evidence that I can’t do something.

“I can’t” is FEAR talking.

Fear of Failure.  Fear of Success.  Fear of Embarrassment.  Fear of Pain.  Fear of Loss.

All of these fears translate into “I can’t”…and so, I’m not going to try because I want to stay nice and safe and protected.

But the problem with living a nice, safe, protected life is that you are not living to your fullest potential.  AND…you’re likely missing out on some pretty amazing experiences!!

Who could you be, and what could you experience, if you let go of unrealistic fears?  If you worked on changing your limiting beliefs?

And what if overcoming limiting beliefs was as simple as doing just 1 thing…

I call it the “just try” method… and it’s pretty powerful!

When you believe you can’t do something… break it down into the smallest possible action you can take, and JUST TRY!

I can’t lose weight… but I can eat 1 serving of vegetables a day.  Start there.

I can’t do a push up… but I can modify and do ONE push up on my knees.  Start there.

I can’t find a lasting relationship… but I can go out, and smile at a new person.  Start there.

By starting with just 1 small thing, and creating action around it, you’ll give yourself a victory!  And you will prove to yourself that the thing you fear is not your reality.

You cannot continue to say “I can’t,” once you’ve proved to yourself that YOU CAN!!

You’ll be amazed at how quickly small victories add up to BIG changes in your life, and BIG belief in yourself!




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