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Smoothie Making Tips for Weight Loss

When it comes to losing weight, in a perfect world we would have adequate time to prepare healthy food for balanced meals every day, and be able to take our time to sit down and enjoy each meal.   Sounds like a fantasy world, right?  The truth is, we are busier than we've ever been!!  I hear it from my clients all the time , "I'm too busy to cook!" or "I don't have time to meal prep."  Given that everyone seems to be short on time,  it’s not surprising that meal replacement shakes, bars and snacks have grown in popularity exponentially over the past several decades... Read More

Instant Pot Healthy Turkey Chili

Looks like winter isn't over just yet here in New England!  The forecast is for snow on Wednesday, and possibly 8-14" of it!  I have to admit, with the mild winter we've had this year, when March 1st rolled around I was hopeful that the worst of winter was over, but Mother Nature seems to be saying "don't put away your snow boots just yet!" And nothing is better on a cold, snowy day... Read More