What to Expect with Health Coaching

Are you frustrated with the current state of your health?  Do you constantly think about making changes to your health habits, but become overwhelmed not knowing where to start?  Have you lost weight in the past, but didn’t keep it off?  Are you chronically tired, and nothing seems to help improve your energy levels?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, working with a Certified Health Coach might be a right for you!

For many people, when looking to make a major health change, whether trying to lose weight, increase energy, reduce stress, or address chronic conditions, it is easy to become overwhelmed and feel LOST.  Behavior change resembles a long and winding path between peaks and valleys, and it can feel as if you’ve been left without a road map to truly get better.  The problem is not a lack of knowledge or availability of information, but rather the lack of support and guidance through the transformation process that leads to long-lasting, sustainable health change.

When you work with a Health Coach, you will to work together to breakdown your long-term goals into small attainable steps based on your values and strengths.   A coach is someone who is supportive and compassionate, and is educated about the impact of lifestyle factors such as stress, exercise, sleep, food choices and environment.

Health coaching also complements regular medical care, with Health Coaches becoming part of the patient’s team and working alongside Practitioners to offer ongoing support over time.  In fact, more and more practitioners are recognizing the power of lifestyle changes to improve health.  A recent study found that 85% of chronic disease is due to environmental factors.  But practitioners do not have the capacity and time to walk with patients on the journey of making lifestyle changes.  This is where a coach fills in the gap, by working with the patient and practitioner to guide the patient through the transformation that leads to health.

Functional Medicine Health Coaching, in particular, looks at the whole person using a systems-oriented approach to facilitate healthy, sustainable behavior change by empowering you to listen to your inner wisdom, identify your values, and transform your goals into action.  By focusing on value-based care, patients can achieve better outcomes and lasting lifestyle change.

What to Expect During Your First Session

During the first session, often called the Foundation Session or Strategy Session, you and your Coach will review your health history, current diet and exercise habits, and other lifestyle factors such as stress, sleep, and environment.  You will also talk about the changes or goals you’d like to set for yourself, and then work together to co-create action steps.

Working with a Health Coach over a period of 10-12 sessions can provide the support and accountability to create lasting change.

Being healthy doesn’t HAVE to be hard when you have the personal support and guidance of someone who is trained to help you discover your path to change and wellness.

Health coaching offers more than a resource, it offers a relationship that is designed to help you THRIVE!



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