Healthy Asian Turkey Salad

I'm going to tell you the truth - just because I'm a Health Coach, it doesn't mean I don't have my own struggles when it comes to healthy eating!  It certainly doesn't mean that I inhale kale, and live off of all organic everything.  In fact, when it comes to getting my daily veggies, it can be a down right struggle some days... Read More

Instant Pot Healthy Turkey Chili

Looks like winter isn't over just yet here in New England!  The forecast is for snow on Wednesday, and possibly 8-14" of it!  I have to admit, with the mild winter we've had this year, when March 1st rolled around I was hopeful that the worst of winter was over, but Mother Nature seems to be saying "don't put away your snow boots just yet!" And nothing is better on a cold, snowy day... Read More

Using Mindfulness To Enhance Your Productivity

Mindfulness’ is a term that gets thrown around quite often these days, with people advising us to be mindful of our money, be mindful of others, and be mindful of our words. Yet, mindfulness is much more than just being frugal, considerate and reflective. It is more than simply paying attention to what we say, how we act or what we spend... Read More

4 Ways To Use Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is not just a kitchen ingredient; it has a wide range of other amazing uses that promote great benefits for your health and physical care. Coconut oil has been increasing in popularity over recent years. With the current campaigns against the use of unhealthy fats, this powerful oil is in growing demand. The health benefits of coconut oil can be used in different ways... Read More

My Epic 24 Hour Detox

Being healthy from the inside out goes beyond just the foods you eat.  The reality is, no matter how clean we eat, we live in a very toxic world. Before we even open our mouths to take a bite of food, we are exposed to vehicular and industrial pollution... Read More

Unlock And Inspire Your Inner Creativity

What are the first thoughts that spring to mind when you think of the word ‘creativity’? Perhaps it is images of artists and their famous works, such as Da Vinci’s ‘Mona Lisa’, Michelangelo’s sculpture ‘David’, Mozart’s ‘The Marriage of Figaro’ or Shakespeare's ‘Romeo and Juliet’? Or maybe it’s that macaroni and finger paint picture on your fridge that your niece made for you?... Read More

What to Expect with Health Coaching

Are you frustrated with the current state of your health?  Do you constantly think about making changes to your health habits, but become overwhelmed not knowing where to start?  Have you lost weight in the past, but didn’t keep it off?  Are you chronically tired, and nothing seems to help improve your energy levels?  If you answered yes... Read More

Avocados – The Green Super Fruit

For a long time, my love of avocados was limited to a serving of guacamole...usually served with tortilla chips!  What I didn't realize, and you may not either, is that avocados are jam-packed with essential nutrients, and can be enjoyed in a wide variety of ways including blended into smoothies and baked into desserts!  Yes, it's true,... Read More